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Melbourne Harley Rides
A 1 hr ride around Melbourne to Full Day on the Great Ocean Road

1 Hour Harley Davidson Joy Ride


2 Hour harley Davidson Joy Ride


3 Hour harley Davidson joy Ride


5 Hour Harley Davidson Winery Tour


Full Day Harley Davidson Tour to Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road
$650.00 to $785.00

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What's the best way to Experience Melbourne? By Harley Davidson of Course!


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Feature Article

Great Ocean Road Harley Ride

Great Ocean Road Day Tour

The Great Ocean Road is a motorcycle riders's heaven. Its where one can become engrossed in the real joy of riding a motorcycle along a challenging stretch of road that twists and turns. At one moment you are at sea level, the next you are 60 metres up above the oceans riding along the edge of a cliff. It is one of the best rides in the world - best seen from the back of a Harley - not from inside a bus, and its only a couple of hours out of Melbourne Australia. ...
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Latest News

Australian F1 GP Harley Davidson taxi Service

Australian F1 Grand Prix - Harley Davidson Taxi Service

Would you want to stand in a long queue waiting for a taxi, when you could choose another option, that will get you where you want to go? As many Melbourne F1 GP fans can ascribe - those who have been using the Harley Davidson motorcycle transfer service we have provided for the last 18 years - its more fun than waiting for a taxi. ...
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Our Day Out with @TheBeutycrush

Our Day Out with @TheBeautyCrush

As part of the things we do for Tourism Victoria and Tourism Australia, our work brings us into contact with a wide and diverse number of interesting people. On this occassion we spent an hour with Sammi Maria and Tasha Green, two fashion bloggers each with a massive following on Youtube, Twitter and Instagram etc. During their visit to Australia they spent each day posting to videos and photos to their wide and hungry audience all over the rest of the world. Sammi has a following on Twitter alone of over 90,000 where she is known as @TheBeautycrush. ...
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Ticket to Ride

Think you understand what the Harley Ride experience will really be like? Think again. Only when you have accompanied us as my pillion passenger on a Harley Ride, will you realise that this is a must do experience. ...
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Valentines Day Harley Ride

Valentines Day Gift for the one you Love

Every woman loves the experience, and every man longs to own one. That's why a Harley Davidson is the perfect present to give someone who is special in your life an experience that they will never forget. ...
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