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Melbourne Harley Rides

                               What's the best way to tour the Yarra Valley? By Harley Davidson of Course!


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Great Ocean Road Tour The harley Ride Experience Explained Melbourne 1 hr Harley Tour

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Great Ocean Road Harley Ride

Great Ocean Road Day Tour

The Great Ocean Road is a motorcycle riders's heaven. Its where one can become engrossed in the real joy of riding a motorcycle along a challenging stretch of road that twists and turns. At one moment you are at sea level, the next you are 60 metres up above the oceans riding along the edge of a cliff. It is one of the best rides in the world - best seen from the back of a Harley - not from inside a bus, and its only a couple of hours out of Melbourne Australia. ...
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Valentines Day Harley Ride

Valentines Day Gift for the one you Love

Every woman loves the experience, and every man longs to own one. That's why a Harley Davidson is the perfect present to give someone who is special in your life an experience that they will never forget. ...
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Melbourne Shore Excursion on a Harley Davidson

Melbourne Cruise Ship Shore Excursions

This is a personalised shore excursion experience. This is a Shore Excursion Tour with a difference. You won't understand what we mean until you have returned from one of our tours. ...
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Father on a Harley Davidson motorcycle during a Harley Ride around Melbourne on Fathers's Day

Every Father Dreams of Owning a Harley Davidson One Day - Give Him the Experience

Its the perfect gift idea for any father who has long held a dream to own their own motorcycle, or perhaps one day even their own Harley Davidson. An hour or more spent with us on a Harley Ride on Fathers Day this year will help them to focus on achieving that goal. That's what we do - we guide them. ...
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The Ultimate Bikie Experience Tour

The Ultimate Bikie Experience

Controversy surrounding Bikies is everywhere in the news. Have you ever wondered why the motorcycle is the central focus for these clubs? This got us thinking, isn't that what we do? We give people the Bikie Experience. The difference is - Our service doesn't include the criminal bit. We are Govt Approved with the backing of the Victorian Taxi Commissioner. ...
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